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Impact Research,


CHALLENGE: Impact Research hosts an annual dinner program for referring physicians and needed to raise awareness about the event and encourage attendance for the upcoming event. 

STRATEGY IMPLEMENTED: Impact Research engaged Deep Dive Marketing to help promote the event and develop a system they could replicate and build upon each year.  Deep Dive created a multi-pronged marketing campaign for the event that included distributing printed invitations to the event along with marketing materials about the practice, and created a contact database of referring physicians that could be developed over time and used each year for this annual event as well as other events going forward. Deep Dive created and produced the print invitation and marketing materials, the digital contact database for Impact research.

CONCLUSION: When engaging in a specific marketing initiative, it is important to think of ways to leverage the investment of time and energy for one event and make it useful in other ways and across multiple platforms.

RESULT: Impact Research was able to reach targeted referring physicians, identify and connect with new referring physicians to invite to the event and record all activity in the digital contact database. Impact Research was able to leverage the investment made in promoting the specific event and utilize it for future events.

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